Donation Levels

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When a player donates, they can gain access to special commands based on how much they donated.

Level Dollars Amount
(in Points)
Command Description
1 25$ 2500 None None
2 50$ 5000 @petrename Enables you to rename your pet again.
3 100$ 10000 @jump Works like a fly wing, but you can specify coordinates after it if you want to jump to a specific area.
4 150$ 15000 @hatch Works like a pet incubator, allows you to hatch a pet in your inventory without consuming a Pet Incubator.
5 200$ 20000 @homtalk


Enables your homunculus to talk, example :@homtalk message

Enables your pet to talk, example :@pettalk message

6 300$ 30000 @homrename Allows you to rename your homunculus.
7 400$ 40000 @showmobs Locates normal monsters in an area and locates them on the minimap.
8 500$ 50000 @autotrade/@at Disconnects your client while vending and allows you to vend the same items you were vending before you got disconnected while offline.
9 700$ 70000 @identify


Appraises items like a magnifier.

Identifies all unidentified items in your inventory.

10 1000$ 100000 @cstorage (NOT ENABLED YET) Opens a character's storage. This storage is bound to the character and can't be accessed from different player.