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These are the list of Maps related to instances that are splitted in Donor and No Donor maps in RenatusRO

No Donors Maps

In the following Maps all the Items marked as Donor or RDC Helm have their effect null

Pouring Quests Maps:

PvP Maps

  • Izlude

MvP Arena

  • Room from 5 to 8 all Tiers


Donors Maps - No Angra/Ahura Allowed

In the following Maps the Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazdah have their effect null

PvP Maps

  • Doom
  • Gloom

Pouring Quests Maps:

Mystery Mine

Donors Maps - Angra/Ahura Allowed

In the following Maps there are no restriction

MVP Arena

  • Room from 1 to 4 all Tiers

All Dungeons and Fields outside of the one specified above