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here is the list of the all items that has been changed on RenatusRO


  • Amon Ra Card: Changed all stat from 1 to 3. Now it requires int 255 to proc the effect. The percentage increase of Kyrie Eleison is scaled. For example, 177 INT = 6.5% to auto cast, etc.
  • Arcangeling Card: Hp Bonus from 300 to 3000. Now required 130 Luk to Activate the Recovery bonus effect.
  • Assassin Cross Card: Reduce resistance to all elements by 30%
  • Atroce Card: Now Give 125 Atk instead of 25
  • Centipede Larva Card: Int+3 Matk +3% instead of Original Effect
  • Doppelganger Card: Increased Aspd from +10 to +30
  • Drake Card: Added effect: Adds a chance to cast a random level of Critical Wounds (From 1 to 4) when attacking.
  • Eddga Card: will no longer have an HP penalty when used.
  • Entweihen Crothen Card: Increase Matk by 10%
  • General Egnigem Cenia Card: This card will now add an additional 150 HP and 10 SP by base level. The HP and SP regeneration rates have also been increased to 500 HP and 25 SP per second.
  • Golden Thief Bug Card: Reduces Magic Damage by 60%, instead of 100%. Increases SP costs by 60% instead of 100%
  • High Priest Card: Increase resistance to Freeze and Stun by 80%
  • Ifrit Card: Increase ATK, HIT by 1 every 1 and 5 Job Levels, respectively, instead of 10.
  • Kiel Card: Card moved to Footgear instead of Headgear.
  • Lady Tanee Card: Increase damage of Asura Strike by (5+Refine/2)% and Decrease SP Max by (10+Refine)%
  • Lord of Death Card: Card can now inflict status effect when used at range with bow, gun etc.
  • Mantis Card: formula changed: Increase STR by (Base Level/25) with a maximum of 10
  • Sniper Card: Add a 20% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
  • Tatacho Card: Decreases damage from Earth Property by 20%. Increase damage dealing to Earth Property by 5%
  • Zerom Card: formula changed: Increase DEX by (Base Level/25) with a maximum of 10.
  • Nidhoggur Shadow Card: Matk +10%. Grant Immunity to Freeze Status.
  • Rata Card: MATK +220. When casting magic has a chance to raise your flee by 50.
  • Duneyrr Card: ATK +50. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your Perfect Dodge will increase by 10.
  • Dark Pinguicula Card: ATK +50.