System Changes

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here is the list of the all changes on RenatusRO


  • Max HP is doubled. If with regular stats your hp is normally 50,000. It will become 100,000.
  • Max HP has been capped at 1 Milion
  • Max SP has been capped at 1 Milion

Skills Effect

  • Heal effectiveness has been capped at 100% (This means that if you put 4 White Lady Cards, the last one will be calculated only at 10%)


  • Resistance to Demi-Human has been capped at 65%
  • Resistance to Long Range damage has been capped at 70%


  • Stats will not give you any resistance to Status

Party Size and Levels

  • Party Size has been increased to 20 members.
  • Exp Share Level difference has been increase to 30 Level. Which means that if you are at Level 60 you can leech with players that can be from level 30 to level 90.