Bio Laboratory Basement

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The Bio Laboratory Basement is a custom map filled with strong monsters designed to help players reach lv 255. The monsters here are Homunculus with appearances similar to mobs in Bio Labs F1-F4.

Proper gears are strongly recommended to survive in this map.


  • The Bio Laboratory Basement can be accessed via Warpra.
  • Alternatively players can Warp to Biolabs F1 and walk towards co-ordinates: 192, 23 (use /where to find you co-ordinates). A dialogue will be prompted. Select the second option for all the dialogues to enter Biolabs B1 (Catacombs)

Note: There is no visible portal into Biolabs B1. The dialogue will be prompted when you walk into the wall at the bottom of the stairs.


The mobs in this map are based on the Alchemist Homunculus which their stats mirrors.
Generally, the mobs here have higher attack speed and FLEE than average mobs. Higher amount of CRIT is needed to hit them.

  • Amistr Have highest HP among all the Homunculus mobs and has a defensive skill that reduces the physical damage it takes.
  • Filir Have the highest FLEE, CRIT Shield and attack speed. Higher HIT and CRIT is needed for attacks to connect.
  • Lif Players should have no issue with this mob.
  • Vanilmirth Can use Caprice to magically attack players. Notorious for using Bio Explosion which may result in player instant death.