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RenatusRO has a custom type of forging that Blacksmiths/Whitesmiths can perform. The process is very similar to the Forging they originally can do except instead of receiving regular swords / axes / etc, upon success, you receive "Hardened" weapons.


Required Items/Tasks

  • After choosing what weapon you want to create, another menu with 3 slots show. These slots allow you to add elemental stones (Rough Wind, Mystic Frozen, Great Nature, Flame Heart), or Star Crumbs. Star Crumbs add the words "Very Strong" to the forged weapon, but both types of stones decrease the success rate, see below. You must drag the stones you want to use over to the slots that appear on the menu. You can add a total of 3.

  • After a successful forging, you obtain your new weapon with the forger's name on it.
  • Gather all the ingredients needed on your Blacksmith/Whitesmith. Click on the Oridecon Hammer to start the forging. You will be shown a box with the available weapons that you are able to forge.

Facts / Tips

  • Similar with regular forging, a player can add the word "Very", and elements to these items, to obtain a "Very Very Strong <player's name> <element> <weapon>". For a list of items needed to accomplish this task, look at Forging.
  • Since this skill is affected by DEX / LUK, it is best to put as much stat points as possible on these two stats.


All forged Hardened weapons are considered Level 3 weapons (Max safe refine 5) All Hardened Weapons Forged by a blacksmith/Whitesmith CAN BE REFINED AFTER CREATION