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First Jobs
Swordman Mage Archer Merchant Thief Acolyte
Second Jobs
Knight Crusader Wizard Sage Hunter Bard/Dancer Blacksmith Alchemist Assassin Rogue Priest Monk
Transcendent Novices
High Novice
Transcendent First Jobs
High First Class
Transcendent Second Jobs
Lord Knight Paladin High Wizard Professor Sniper Minstrel/Gypsy Mastersmith Creator Assassin Cross Stalker High Priest Champion
Expanded Jobs
TaeKwon Kid Ninja Gunslinger Super Novice
Soul Linker Star Gladiator

About Classes

Class Progression

In Ragnarok Online, a character's abilities and skills are defined by their class (also known as job). Characters start out as Novices, then once they reach job level 10 they can choose between a variety of first job classes. Once they then reach at least Job Level 40 they can then change to a second class job, either 2-1 or 2-2. Then after reaching Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 as a second class they can choose to transcend and start the process again, being rewarded with a more powerful, transcendent character. Alternatively, from Novice, players can choose to become the ultimate Novice, the Super Novice, or explore one of the Expanded classes.