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Event System

In RenatusRO there are Daily Quest. Each day at midnight server time (00:00) the system will pick between six different type of quest:

  • Get an Amount of an Item choosen by the System. Reward 15p.
  • Kill an Amount of Mobs
  • Kill an Amount of Mobs that have a specific Element.
  • Kill an Amount of Mobs that have a specific Race.
  • Talk to a list of NPC to Deliver items.
  • Join an Event

Location of NPC for deliver the items:



Poring Researcher prt_fild08 147 364
Spore Researcher pay_fild01 320 350
Fabre Researcher gef_fild07 320 195
Drops Researcher yuno_fild04 245 210
Alligator Researcher cmd_fild01 38 330
Muka Researcher moc_fild18 170 358
Dustiness Researcher yuno_fild01 187 131
Lunatic Researcher pay_fild03 384 79
Sasquash Researcher xmas_fild01 102 243
Karakasa Researcher ama_fild01 71 52

Everytime you complete one of these quests, the system will give you an amount of Point that can be spent in the Daily Shop.

These are the following items available:

Name Type Price
Angra Manyu Weapon - 1 Hand Sword 1000 P
White Fairy Wings Mid 1500 P
Rabo de Gato Lower 1000 P
Snow Cap Upper 2000 P
Twin Bunnies Upper 2000 P
Red Starry Night Beret Upper 2000 P
Dark Wizard Hat Upper 2000 P
Dark Wizard Hat Upper 2000 P
Feather Ribbon Upper 2000 P
Enriched Elunium Box (10) Consumable 200 P
Enriched Oridecon Box (10) Consumable 200 P
Autotrade Coupon Etc. 50 P
Bloody Branch Consumable 50 P