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You cannot use any Premium Equipment on all Royal Dispatcher Company.

  • All players will receive 20 Operation Tickets every week, but you may never have more than 20 at one time. Tickets are Account-Based so no matter what character you may choose to use, you will be using the same tickets.
  • To participate, head to the Prontera Castle and speak to the RDC Officer (Located at 130, 168). You must be a Party Leader and your party must meet the criteria (must be online, near the officer and have enough tickets) to start a quest.
  • To do quests of higher Tiers, you must successfully complete all operations from the previous Tier. When you have cleared a mission, it will show up in Green text. This shows what missions you need to finish before moving to a higher tier. If the mission is not in green text, you haven't completed it yet.
  • To find out how many RDC Tickets you have left, as well as how soon they will refresh, send a pm to "NPC:RDC" with anything in the chat box and it will show up in your chat window.
  • Upon successful completion of an operation:
  • A Treasure Reward Box will appear around the starting point of the particular quest. Clicking it will show you the list of rewards available. Some rewards are only exclusive to a particular quest. See below for more details
  • You will have 2 minutes to "Cast Lots" from the treasure chest. (It gives you a chance to roll from 1 to 100 and the player who rolled the highest will receive the item). If you chose to "Pass" on an item, you will not be able to cast a lot on it later.
  • If no one chose to cast lots on a particular item, it will be distributed to a random party member.
  • You will receive 1 Operation Credit that can be exchange from the RDC Reward Officer (Located at 132, 177) for various items.

  • Each operation has certain requirements that must be met. These include party member limits, time limits, etc. They are as follows:
Party Members Tickets Required Time Limit
Tier 1 3-5 Members 1 Ticket 15 Minutes
Tier 2 3-5 Members 1 Ticket 15 Minutes
Tier 3 5-8 Members 2 Ticket 30 Minutes

Note: Tiers in Grey are not yet implemented.


  • Go to Prontera and head to the Prontera Castle (Located at 156, 358).
  • Alternatively, you can head to the Valkyrie Realm by talking to the Warpra (Warp > Special > PvP/GvG > [WoE] Sigrun) and enter the Prontera Castle from the southern portal (Located at 159, 28).
  • Head to the Throne Room which is 2 rooms from the entrance, and head north-east. Look for the group of RDC NPCs.
  • Talk to the RDC Officer to start your operation given that you met all the requirements.

Operation Credit Rewards

These rewards are purchased with Operation Credit won through successful completion of missions. Talk to the RDC Reward Officer to exchange your credits for various items.
See RDC Equipment Officer for a list of rewards of 20 Tickets and above. Speak to the RDC Equipment Officer to exchange equipment tickets.

1 Credit

5 Credit

10 Credit

20 Credit

  • 1 RDC Armor Ticket
  • 1 RDC Weapon Ticket
  • 1 RDC Shield Ticket
  • 1 RDC Shoes Ticket
  • 1 RDC Garment Ticket
  • 1 RDC Accessory Ticket

50 Credit

Treasure Box Rewards

These are the common rewards that you might receive from the Treasure Loot Box.


Tier 1

Princely Proposal

The prince wishes to propose to a princess but has lost the engagement ring, help him find it.

Drake Down

Drake has escaped from his watery grave and is attempting to board the ship back to Alberta by hiding amongst the local wraiths. Stop him before it's too late.

RX Filler

A prince has fallen very ill and only a medicine made of rare herbs can save him. Assist the Herbalists in obtaining the necessary ingredients.

Tier 2

Hermes Holiday

Hermes is on Holiday and someone is needed to deliver the mail. Make sure to remember where you're taking it and try not to get too caught up.

Calling Bishop Hibram

Seek out and destroy the dangerous Fallen Bishop amongst his impostors.

Poring Party Planner

Ghostring is trying to throw a surprise party for Archangeling's birthday, but the Devirings and their Deviruchi friends stole all of the party supplies.

Tier 3


Bacsojin has been taken prisoner by the goblins. You must find and free her.

Coup de Turtle

The Turtle General, aided by the Assaulters, is staging a coup of turtle dungeon. Help defend the civilian turtles against the attack.

Taste The Rainbow

Defeat the Rainbowring before he wrecks havoc on Rune Midgard.