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How It Works

  • At specific intervals every day, Mining Point NPCs will appear in a random dungeons. It can be any dungeon whatsoever. It will not appear in a town, field, instance, or anywhere that is not a dungeon (Approx 76 choices). The interval between the NPC appearing is 15 Minutes.
  • The Mining Point NPC looks exactly like a Guardian Stone . It does not move, it does not attack.
  • Regardless of how many are currently active, they will keep appearing every 15 minutes. This can lead to having multiple NPCs located in the same dungeon.
  • When you have found one of the NPCs, make sure you have a Mining Pickaxe or Sturdy Mining Pickaxe in your inventory. If you do not have one of these, you will not be able to mine for tokens.
    • The Mining Pickaxe is a weapon that can be purchased from Mysterious Miner NPCs for some zeny, or from the Mysterious Miner Shop NPC. The prices are as follows:
      • 3.000.000 Zeny - Mining Pickaxe
      • 6.000.000 Zeny - Sturdy Mining Pickaxe
    • To mine one of the NPCs, simply click on the NPC. If you succeed or fail, the following messages, depending on how many you earned, will be displayed in green on your chat window
    • When using a Mining Pickaxe there is a 20% chance that your pickaxe will break. When it does, it is lost forever and you must purchase a new one. If you succeed in mining, you will receive either 1, or 2 Mining Tokens.
    • A Sturdy Mining Pickaxe, will never break. Thereby, guaranteeing a mining attempt will always yield mining points when using Sturdy Mining Pickaxe.
    • Mining Tokens can be redeemed for items described below.

Mining Rewards

You can spend the tokens you have to purchase various items from the NPC located in Einbech.

Reward Item Tradeable? Cost
Aspersio Scroll Box (10) Yes 1
Bloody Branch No 2
Blue Necktie Box Yes 100
Bubble Gum Box (10) No 50
Enriched Elunium Box (10) No 10
Enriched Oridecon Box (10) No 10
Field Manual Box (10) No 50
Hunter's Clip No 100
Merchant's Clip No 100
Sniper's Clip No 150
Vendors's Clip No 150
Miner Identification Card Box Yes 10
Miner Identification Card Box - Permanent Yes 30
Red Necktie Box Yes 100