Safe Refiner

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These work similar to how iRO's SRTs work, in that if you fail the refine, your equipment will not break. The item will stay as if you didn't attempt to refine it at all.

  • Safe Refiners may be found at Splendide(185,187), Manuk(228,159), El Dicastes(210,192), Nieve(144,184), Orc Village(99,260), Payon(173,137).
  • Due to how SRTs work, the chance for a successful refine is significantly lower than the usual rate. However, you need not decard your card when using the NPC as these will be preserved, success or fail. This is similar for any enhancements you may have in that equipment.
    • Success rates are not known, however it has been stated that if you bring an Elunium, Oridecon, Enriched Elunium, or Enriched Oridecon in conjunction with the SRT, the success chance will be increased (more so with enriched ores).
  • SRTs drop from all tiers of Raid MVP System (+5, +6 drop from D; +6, +7 drop from C; +7, +8 drop from B; all drop from A). They are tradeable, unlike Guaranteed Refine Ticket.