Artistry and Crafting System

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Artistry and Crafting are different types of systems that allow players to craft items that Whitesmiths normally can not craft. These include weapons such as Bows, Katars, and Rods, or equipment such as Armors, Garments, Footgear, Acessories, and Headgears. Different crafts vary on what they can craft.

  • Handicrafting is located in Veins. It utilizes woods, jewels, precious metals and miscellaneous items to create several types of weapons and accessories as well as the occasional cute pet, consumable or trinket. Of the weapons that can be made with Handicrafting, there are Whips, Instruments, Bows, Books and Rods.
  • Metalworking is located in Einbech. It uses many of the same materials as regular Forging, but with a focus on creating Armors with strong physically defensive and offensive capabilities, Shields, Guns, Katars and Bullets.
  • Tailoring is located in Alberta. It focuses on creating equipment made from plants, animal hair fibres or leathers. Cloth based equipments are imbued with strong magical properties where as the Leather based equipment is more suitable for more adroit attackers.

All crafted Equipment will have a chance to gain a refine rate. Player's stats does not affect the refine rate. Once the Equipment has been successfully crafted, you cannot refine it any further. All effects of that equipment shall be raised by refine rate level.

NOTE: Don't wear Incantation Samurai Card or any other cards that will make you lose HP, or the cast will be interrupted and you will lose your items during crafting!!