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These are a series of quests that can be done to raise your notoriety level. Notoriety is used to display how famous or infamous a player is. The more good deeds you complete, the more famous you become. Likewise, the more bad deeds you complete, the more infamous you become. Some NPCs will only speak to you if you are more famous than infamous and vice-versa.

Choosing A Side

There are different quests depending on the path you choose, but before doing those quests, you must first choose a side. Some quests are available no matter what side you choose, but beware! If you choose the Infamous path, and do good deeds, your fame could be higher than your infamous and therefore hurt in the long run.
It is not advisable to mix your Fame and Infamy level.

  1. First, you need to head to Prontera (@go 0).
  2. Walk south, until you see the Journalist (Located at 164, 172).
  3. She will tell you to go find an Urban Developer. Walk north, into Prontera Castle (Located at 158, 358).
  4. As you come in take the right hallway to the end and enter the portal.
  5. Talk to Urban Developer (Located at 166, 24). He will explain the philosophy behind Fame and Infamy.
  6. He will ask for 10 Jellopy, but you have the choice of giving him that, or 10 Scell.
    • Giving him the Jellopy starts you off on the "Famous" path.
    • Giving him the Scell starts you off on the "Infamous" path.

Warning: Once you begin down your chosen path, it is very hard to back-track.
  • When you complete a quest, a message will appear showing you what you earned (Fame or Infamy).


Tier 1

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Tier 2

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Tier 3

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